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sábado, 6 de mayo de 2017

My Random Life

Hair// Taketomi// Riye Browns-
Dress// The Forge// Valindra Tunic, Teal-
link soon
Shoes// JCKLP// Lydia Boots// In The Dark Style Fair-
Pose// By me
Background// Anxiety// Night Vision// The Chapter Four-

viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Fly Me To The Moon

Hair// Taketomi// Riye-
Eyes// Go&See// Undead eyes// Dark style fair-
Dress// I<3F// dress (14)// Dark style fair-
Book// Cubic Cherry// Starry Spell// The coven- 

Wild Things

L. China
Hair// Truth// Shaylee -Variety 
Outfit// ::Envious::// outfit stitches
Shoes//Pure Poison//   Miss Klaus Pumps
Bag// zenith// Bag Group gift free
Hair// Truth// Delaney -Reds 
Top// Blueberry// Group gift Tanktop
Skirt// Blueberry// group gift
Socks// Vale Koer// Garter Socks B/W
Shoes// REIGN// Break up pumps

Lust For Life

Hair// Little Bones// Frostbite// Gift// In Main Store-
Minikini// #Empire// Minikini Rose// In Main Store-

Fairy Dust

Hair// Amitomo// Ordinary Life// Kustom 9-
Bra// Kitja// Tasha// Kustom 9- 
Panties// -Su!// Little Secret Panties// Hunt// Rotten egg
Pose// GingerFish// Buneh// Free in mainstore

The little princess

Princess Jennifer
Hair// LCKY//Prosaic Gacha// The Epiphany-
Dress// Amitomo// Lovely, Still Gacha #12// SaNaRae -
Skin// More More// Bomi Skin Gacha//
Princess Of The Red Rose
Dress// Amitomo// Lovely, Still Gacha #4// SaNaRae -
Head// Tmp// Moody// in mainstore

jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Be the one

Top// Uniwaii // Coldwaii//  SaNaRae Round 19- Morning/192/136/4013
Jeans// Uniwaii// Jowaii// In The Main Store
Hair// Amitomo// Bether Than gacha// Rare// In The Main store <3

Entrada destacada


Hat// Blueberry// common//   Blueberry Hair// Doux// Rose//   Doux Dress// Cureless// Sororis Obscura// Salem Boots// Cureles...

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